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Lisbon Project

Lisbon Project

Lisbon Project

Lisbon Project

Lisbon Project

Macbook device mockup of the hero image of the home page of the Lisbon Project's website redesign.


Website Redesign

When you're faced with a growing population of migrants and refugees entering your city with nowhere to go or no one to turn to for help, what else to do than open an organization that fosters a sense of community and empowerment to help them feel at home in Portugal, their new home. The founders of The Lisbon Project were committed to creating an environment where people could come, be together and feel at home.


The Lisbon Project



How To Make a Difference and What We Do sections of the home page. Close up screen mockups.
How To Get Involved section of the home page.
Donation call to action section of the home page.
Join us to make a difference.
Our prominent donation section is strategically positioned to evoke immediate action, inviting visitors to contribute any amount they're comfortable with, effortlessly.

Through a collaborative effort with The Lisbon Project team and our dedication to creating an inclusive, empowering platform, the redesign of The Lisbon Project's website achieved its goal of better serving the community and advancing the organizations's mission. Thanks to the support of the founders and the valuable insights gained from extensive research into the challenges migrants encounter in a new country, the final product surpassed all expectations.

Array of high fidelity screen mockups for The Lisbon Project's website redesign.
Amor Records home page in macbook device mockup sitting on leather sofa in record shop.


Amor Records

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